Honda introduces a brand-new airbag

August 30 2019,

Honda introduces a brand-new airbag

Honda has unveiled a revolutionary new airbag that will better protect occupants in all types of crashes including angled frontal collisions. The traditional airbag deploys forward and protects perfectly in a normal frontal collision, but when the accident occurs at an angle the head can move to the ends of the airbag where there is less protection.

The Honda airbag is equipped with a fabric in the center and three sections to wrap around and protect the head no matter the direction of impact.

"This new airbag technology represents Honda's ongoing effort to advance safety in a wider variety of accident scenarios and reflects the innovative thinking of our engineers to meet the challenge of reducing the number of injuries and fatalities on the road, "said Jim Keller, president of Honda R & D Americas Inc." Guided by Honda's commitment to safety for all, our engineers recognize that their work on this kind of groundbreaking safety technology will have a profound impact on people’s life for many years to come. "

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