Follow-up and Appointment Clerk

January 28 2019,

Job description

We are looking for a Follow-up and Appointment Clerk.

The main tasks are listed below, but the incumbent can be assigned to other functions.

Tasks related to phone follow-ups:

    • Calling existing customers to promote the manufacturer's recommended maintenance services and, if applicable, also promoting other after-sales services as directed by management;
    • Scheduling and confirming appointments;
    • Participating actively in the customer's database's management and maintenance;
    • Consulting the client's file history before making phone calls;
    • Producing activity reports and keeping a record of accomplishments related to the phone follow-ups;
    • Participating actively in the development of call scenarios to achieve the appointment goals;
    • Participating actively in the service department's appointments' management;
    • Following-up on the files under your responsibility.

Tasks related to phone and Web customer service:

    • Identifying the clients' needs using the various communication tools (e.g.: telephone, email, text message and online chat);
    • Communicating quickly and efficiently with clients, depending on the type of communication chosen (e.g.: telephone, email, text messaging, etc.).
    • Treating all Internet sales enquiries individually by establishing a relationship of trust with the customer first;
    • Analyzing the received e-mails or text messages' content, identifying the appropriate strategy and responding to them, while further identifying the client's needs in order to better serve them and encourage them to present themselves within the dealership;
    • Keeping abreast of new products on the market (all brands), features, accessories, etc., as well as their respective advantages for customers.

Tasks related to monitoring customer satisfaction:

    • Carrying out phone follow-ups with the service's customer customers within 24 hours to ensure customer satisfaction;
    • Gathering all the information needed from customers to monitor customer satisfaction;
    • Consulting the client's file history before making phone calls;
    • Producing monthly reports on customer satisfaction;
    • Informing your superior of all the customers' complaints immediately.


- Knowledge of Serti Informatique software;
- Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook software;
- Bilingual;
- Telephone skills;
- E-mail and text message writing skills.

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